Why Do You Need Fire Watch Security?

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The security of the lives and property in a business office depends upon many factors; taking even one of them for granted can result in serious consequences. Business owners can try to eliminate all security risks but one risk that requires regular checking is the fire breakout. An office or a warehouse contains many inflammable materials that can cause a massive fire resulting not only in fatalities but also monetary losses. To keep the premises safe from any kind of fire hazards, security guard companies provide Fire watch services.

Potential sources of fire:

Be it an office, a shop, a mall, or a warehouse; every commercial facility has at least some kind of material that can cause a hazardous fire. Some of the potential sources of fire at a workplace are:

  • Industrial and chemical causes:

The main cause of a fire breakout at any place is the leakage of any combustible substance. Usually, it is methane leaking out from the household gas supplies and tanks. Oxygen gas in a large concentration is also highly combustible and causes a big fire. Similarly, in an industry where several chemicals are being utilized, there is a high risk of a fire. That’s why a Fire watch guard needs to monitor these areas.

  • fire in the electric wiring:

another potential source of fire is the current in the wires. Electric wires are usually coated with insulation but if any wire is worn out and the metallic portion is exposed, it can cause serious fire and can spread to the whole wiring within seconds.

  • Trash, papers, cigarettes:

many businesses and shops contain warehouses to stock up their products. These products might contain flammable material and even a small fire can lead to a big catastrophe. Similarly in a paper factory or somewhere where too much paper and timber is used, there is always a high risk of fire.

Services provided by Fire watch guards companies:

  • Maintenance of fire equipment:

the worst thing that can happen during a fire breakout is the improper working of the fire equipment. A Fire watch guard not only looks out for potential sources of fire, but he also makes sure all the fir equipment is working properly. The fire extinguishers are filled recently, the fire exit is functional, fire blankets are available, fire hose reels, signage, and sprinkles are working. The maintenance of fire equipment is the fireguard’s duty.

  • Identifying the fire threats:

the basic job of a fireguard is to identify the threats that might cause a fire. It can be a source leaking methane, an uncovered electrical wire, an unput out cigarette near trash, candles near filing cabinets, or electrical equipment. The Fire watch guard identifies such risks and threats and tries to eliminate them.

  • Patrolling the premises:

A Fire watch guard identifies the potential fire threats by patrolling around the premises. A Fire watch guard provides 24 hours patrolling to monitor the premises looking out for potential threats. Patrolling various areas of the commercial site continually and walkthroughs in and around it let the guard examine and identify fire threats efficiently.

  • Respond to the fire call:

Although not firemen, Fire watch guards are professionally trained to respond in case of a fire breakout. They make sure that nobody is hurt during the fire. They are trained to deal with panic situations and disperse the crowd. They make sure that the fire exit is working and evacuate the building. They are also trained to respond through the use of fire equipment like extinguishers, sprinklers, blankets, and signage.

  • Keep the logs and patrol findings:

Another duty of the patrolling fire watch guards is to keep the logs and documentation of their patrol findings. The company owners need to review the logs to remove the threats of fire in the logs. These logs can also be shown to insurance companies in case of fire damage to reclaim the insurance money.

  • Call the real firemen:

After doing the initial security protocol in case of a fire breakout, the fireguard has to call the local firemen immediately. Any delay on his part can result in economic as well life loss. that’s why it is important to contact the fire department as soon as possible.


Out of all the risks faced by a company or business, a disastrous fire is the most catastrophic thing that can happen. It can cause a loss of lives as well as capital. Hiring Fire watch guards can considerably reduce the risk of a fire breakout at business premises. Call United Fire watch Guards company to provide you with the best fire watch security services to keep you protected.

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