What Does Fire Watch Security Do?

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One constant source of concern for construction managers, commercial property owners, and business owners when it comes to a construction site or a large professional building is the possibility of a fire breaking out. Whether constructing a new structure, repairing an existing structure, or simply maintaining a commercial site, there is an abundance of potentially inflammatory material, a large amount of equipment, and a constant need for electricity, all of which can combine to create a recipe for disaster.

Not only is it necessary to have fire insurance coverage, but it is also beneficial to hire fire watch services, which will not only relieve stress but will also protect the construction site or commercial property. Business owners and property managers are well aware of the significance of having an emergency response system in place.

There are uncountable reasons why it is necessary to hire a fire watch guard. Although fire alarms are the first line of defense against a potentially catastrophic fire, local ordinances may require a professional fire watch guard to be present on your property if your building does not have the proper fire alarm equipment.

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Often made up of off-duty or retired firefighters, fire watch services are invaluable in detecting the first signs of a fire emergency. Their knowledge and experience in fighting fires are invaluable in identifying the early warning signs of a fire.

Duties of a Fire Watch Guard

In the event of an emergency, fire watch guards are called upon to act as first responders. These guards are employed as a temporary arrangement in which the guard is tasked with patrolling the premises in order to physically check and inspect the premises for any current or potential fire hazards (of actual fires).

A fire watch guard will be on the lookout for sparks, welding hot spots, hazardous spills, overheating machinery, and other potential hazards in places where welding, high temperatures, furnaces, or combustible materials are used frequently in the course of business.

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This is especially important if water supplies are disrupted or become temporarily inaccessible for any reason.

The specific responsibilities of a fireguard will vary depending on the location, the situation, and the job. However, there are a few fundamental responsibilities that are consistent across all contracts.

  • Perimeter patrols are conducted around the clock at predetermined intervals to ensure that all potential vulnerabilities are covered.
  • Contractors are aware of any potential hazards or areas of increased liability before proceeding.
  • Keeping track of and sharing patrol data in order to assess fire hazards.
  • Forward reports to insurance companies as well as local code enforcement authorities.
  • Extinguishers, alarms, and other monitoring systems are all tested and maintained. Fire watch guards provide guidance on effective emergency response plans.
  • If they notice any fire danger, guards instantly call the fire department and give them specific information about the incident.

Most fire guards will carry a portable horn for emergency notifications on the go, a flashlight for proper visual orientation and assessment in low-light situations, and a set of access keys for all of the areas they are responsible for watching. Additionally, in some instances, a fire watch service may also serve as a visual deterrent for potential vandals, which is another noteworthy benefit of having a fire watch service on duty.

Why It’s Important to Hire a Fire Security Guard

Fire safety should be taken seriously by any company that wishes to keep its employees, assets, equipment, and other valuable property safe from fire hazards. Generally speaking, fire watch guards are used in areas where “hot work” such as welding, soldering, or the use of combustible materials is being performed

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These professional guards provide an additional layer of protection and safety, ensuring that both people and physical assets are kept safe and secure. When there’s a power outage, or if the sprinkler or alarm system is malfunctioning or being repaired, they may be called upon to assist.

If your building is equipped with a functional fire alarm system but also contains a number of potential fire hazards, fire watch services are required to protect your assets. In the presence of flammable chemicals, you require a second set of eyes as well as properly trained personnel in order to influence safe practices and procedures.

Often, you will not realize that you require fire watch services until the worst-case scenario has occurred. Don’t wait until something bad happens; surround yourself with security personnel who are experienced, responsive, and dependable.

Hire a reliable fire watch service before you have to rely on someone else to call the firefighters on your behalf.

Why Choose United Fire Watch Guard

According to your needs and the situation, our security services provide round-the-clock, 24-hour fire watch guards who will sweep the premises and patrol the area at predetermined intervals. The guard will document each patrol and its findings in order to maintain an accurate record on file in the event of future disputes, compliance obligations, or the need for additional proof in the future.

All of our custom fire watch service packages are created to meet and exceed your specific needs and requirements. We actively collaborate with our clients to fully understand their requirements and to provide them with cost-effective solutions that keep their assets secure.

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Final Takeaway

Fire watch guards, whether as a long-term solution or as a temporary solution during a construction project, provide you with the peace of mind you need to concentrate on the tasks at hand. As a secondary layer of protection against other outside influences, fire watch guards will also be present.

Don’t leave anything to chance; hire a fire watch service to keep an eye on your home or business.

Contact our fire watch specialist today to learn more about how they can assist you or request a quote request online. In order to avoid fines and protect your assets from the risk of fire, our team will assess your situation as soon as possible and begin working to bring your site up to code as soon as possible.

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