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With our fire watch security officer services for any industry that you may require, we are ready to keep you, your property, and your assets safe and secure. Fire watch Security company LA is one of the best security guard companies in Los Angeles.

About Us

Distinguished by the quality of our people and our relentless pursuit of the most successful results, we align our capabilities with the goals of our clients to ensure lasting positive impact.

The core of our company is held by our invariable values – ethics, safety, quality, people, as well as our covenants: punctuality, honesty, respect, cooperation, trust.

Our services

One of the Best-Rated Security Companies in Los Angeles

Fire watch security offers you quality services of life and property protection to the fullest degree

Residential Security

At Fire watch Security, we strongly believe in the sanctity of a home. When you are at home, you deserve to feel at peace and not distracted by worries of burglars or stalkers. Contact us to get your family, property and home the protection it deserves today!

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Construction Site Security

Construction sites are extremely vulnerable to vandals and burglars as well as a variety of criminals who find the large, vacant spaces useful for illicit activity. To avoid damages, theft and legal trouble, you need an efficient security team watching your construction site 24/7. Contact us today and get a free quote!

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Fire Watch Security Guard

Establishments that operate in finance and commerce naturally need strong security and surveillance to make their staff and clients feel safe. No one wants to sign off investments at a site that looks like an easy target for criminals. Fire watch security provides financial establishments the best security personnel and surveillance teams.
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Commercial Site Security

A metropolis like Los Angeles is always a very attractive marketplace for all sorts of commerce. However, it also always offers attractive targets to criminals. Fire watch commercial security services offer commercial individuals the security they need, planned by skilled security consultants.

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Shopping Mall Security

Malls might feel safer than outdoor shopping options, but there are still significant chances of crimes like pickpocketing and shoplifting as well as more serious threats. Customers and shop owners alike deserve to feel safe in conducting their business. Fire watch security provides the best mall security services in Los Angeles. Contact us today!
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patrol Fire watch Security

Most of the time, medical staff and the patients at any clinic or hospital are nervous due to the nature of their business. Seeing security guards who know what they are doing helps them feel calmer. We make sure medical facilities entrusted to our protective services are among the safest places in Los Angeles

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Integrated GPS Tracking

The increasingly common use of electronic reporting in security activities has had drastic effects on the industry. The Fire watch security business model makes use of GPS tracking intelligently, producing reports with the location and time stamps to help keep our clients aware of each security guard’s activity. The intention is to provide quality services by maintaining accountability standards and keeping discipline intact over our entire professional team.

We ensure that our clients reap the benefits of the best and latest technological innovations. Some examples of Fir ewatch’s enthusiastic integration of technology into security services are:

Our advantages

Why Choose Fire watch Security Services?

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Every employee at Fire watch security plays an integral role in our operations. This is made possible only because of strong intra-organization adherence and discipline.

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Our security guards are trained to be sincere with their duties and treat their assigned security contract like they are protecting their own homes.

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GPS tracking of all our personnel means that you will always see results for your investment.

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Quality of Service

Our security consultants possess years of experience in designing security plans and customizing them to fit the needs of each one of your clients.

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