Shopping center Fire watch security

Shopping centers are the hub of human traffic. Especially at the season sales, there are too many customers at a shopping center. They also contain many shops worth millions of products. It is impossible to set up a shopping center without high-quality Fire Watch Services. Any shop at a shopping center can face Fire, theft, shoplifting, or vandalism without proper security arrangements. To keep the shopping centers safe from fire, criminal activities and maintain order, you must hire Fire Security services from a reputable and reliable firm like United Fire Watch Security.

United Fire watch

United Fire watch Security is a private security guard firm that provides security services in Los Angeles as well as all over California. At United Fire watch, we understand the importance of securing a shopping center. We offer comprehensive plans to manage security and maintain order at a shopping mall. Our security teams consist of well-trained officers as well as managing groups that keep a check on any security threats that can occur at a shopping center. We provide top-rated, security guard services at the most affordable rates, so you stop worrying, assured that your shopping centers are managed by the best security teams. We also provide warehouse security guards.

fire watch security shopping centre service

Why do you need shopping centers Fire watch security?

Shopping centers are at risk of many security and fire threats. With thousands of people at a place, it is very easy to steal or shoplift an item without being noticed. Without the presence of an effective Fire Watch security, it is impossible to be 100% aware of all the foot traffic at your shopping center. It is estimated that the US economy loses an average of $45 billion annually due to fraud, organized crime, shoplifting, and theft. That’s why a Fire Watch security guard must be present at a shopping facility to protect it from all kinds of security issues. united fire watch security service also provide parking lot security guards.

Shopping center security
United Fire watch

Integrated technology

United Fire watch also provides the latest security technology integrated with our services. We have HD surveillance cameras, fire alarms, metal detectors to detect any unusual activity. Our technology is also integrated with GPS to monitor every guard’s movement.

Armed and unarmed security officers

United Fire watch Security provides both armed and unarmed security guards depending upon the requirement of the shopping center. Both of them could be hired for different shops in the center. All of our Fire Watch security guards are licensed to carry and use firearms and practice security guard services.

24-hour service

One of the best qualities of United Fire watch security is that they provide their security services 24/7. They don’t charge extra for extra hours. You can call them at any hour and they would be more than pleased to entertain you.

Why choose United Fire watch security

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We at United Fire Watch security believe in the integrity of our team. Each employee performs his role integrally which helps to achieve the united goal of the team as a whole.

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All the security guards at our security facility are working honestly. We also do a background checks on all our employees for a clear criminal record to make sure that your security is in safe hands. This process ensures our transparency.

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Quality service

We at United Fire watch believe in accountability. Our progress is monitored by our security systems and periodic progress report is produced. Our guards as well equipment is integrated with GPS that will not only monitor their movement but also show the result of your investment.

Our areas of service:

Fire watch security LA provides security guard services in the following cities in addition to Los Angeles.

  • Los Angeles
  • Orange County
  • San Bernadino
  • San Diego
  • Riverside county
  • Ventura

Conclusion: There are dozens of benefits of hiring Fire Watch Security Services for a shopping center. Not only would it prevent fire losses resulting from any reason, theft and shoplifting, but also create a sense of security among the shoppers as well as employees. To keep your shopping center safe from any security threats, call United Fire Watch Security.